Obstetrical Care

Pregnancy Confirmation Appointment

At your pregnancy confirmation appointment, we will collect a urine specimen for pregnancy testing, take your vitals (weight and blood pressure), and perform an in-office transvaginal ultrasound. After confirming your pregnancy, we will review our office policies related to care during your pregnancy. You will receive a maternity handbook specially prepared for Hill Country OB/GYN obstetrical patients

Existing/New Obstetrical Patient Appointment

At every existing/new patient OB appointment, we will collect a urine specimen for urinalysis and take your vitals (weight and blood pressure). Your doctor may perform a pap smear and order blood work. We will also review your medical history and medications with you.

Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)

The glucose tolerance test is performed between the twenty-fourth and twenty-eighth week of your pregnancy and is used to test for gestational diabetes, a high blood sugar condition that affects some women during pregnancy. The test is performed in the morning, after an eight-hour fast. During the test, three blood sugar measurements are taken over a two-hour period.

Intrauterine Insemination

In Intrauterine Insemination, a large amount of “washed” and concentrated, healthy semen is placed in the uterus near the beginning of the ovulation period. Before the procedure, Clomid (clomiphene citrate), a fertility medication, is sometimes used to induce ovulation. The IUI is an in-office procedure and takes approximately twenty minutes to complete. In some cases, your doctor may wish to perform a follicle scan prior to the IUI in order to measure and track your ovulatory pattern.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section

If you’ve previously had a cesarean delivery and want to have more children, VBAC may help you avoid problems that have been linked to multiple cesarean deliveries, including hysterectomy and bowel or bladder injury. Benefits of VBAC include no abdominal surgery, a shorter recovery period, lower risk of infection, and less blood loss. Talk with your doctor to see if you are a candidate and to develop a personalized plan of care for your delivery.

Parent Education Classes

Hill Country Parent Education offers childbirth, infant care, and breastfeeding classes to patients of Hill Country OB/GYN once per month. For more information, visit www.hillcountryparenteducation.com.

Mamas for Mamas

Mamas For Mamas is a support group for new and expectant mothers who may be experiencing signs and symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. Come to learn, to listen, to share, to support and be supported through the first year of motherhood. Meets on Mondays from 6:30 - 8:00pm at the Austin Center for Therapy & Assessment: 8103 Brodie Lane, Suite 1, Austin, TX 78745. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/mamasformamasaustin/

Information for Parents of Newborns

Texas Department of State Health Services - Maternal & Child Health (MCH) - Information for Parents of Newborn Children

Pregnancy, Parenting and Depression Resource List

Texas Department of State Health Services - Maternal & Child Health (MCH) - Pregnancy, Parenting and Depression


ACOG - New Guidelines Respond to Current Public Health Need Following Listeria Warnings


We invite you to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of seeing your baby while still in the womb. Our team of licensed sonographers will do their best to make sure your 3D ultrasound or gender determination is a wonderful experience you will remember forever.

Gender Reveal 2D – $75
15 Minutes
15+ weeks
4 Black & White Pictures

Basic 3D – $99
15 Minutes 28-33 Weeks
6 Black & White Pictures
Gender Reveal if wanted


Code for C-section is FZA-WGR-Y

Obstetrical Care Q&A

+ What can I take for headaches if I am pregnant?

Tylenol, as directed.

+ What can I take for constipation?

Begin by increasing fluids, exercise (such as walking), and try a cup of prune juice at night. If no relief in 24-48 hours, you may take milk of magnesia or Surfak and continue with 1 cup of prune juice at night. If no relief in three to four days, call the office and speak to clinical triage.

+ What can I take for a cold?

Tylenol products, as directed on the bottle.

+ What can I take for a cough?

Robitussin (plain) as directed.

+ What can I take for sinus or allergies?

If you are 1-12 weeks pregnant, use Tylenol allergy/sinus or Benadryl. If you are 13 – 40 weeks pregnant, you may use Sudafed, Tylenol allergy/sinus or Benadryl.

+ How long does post partum last?

Post partum continues for up to four to six weeks after a vaginal delivery and four to eight weeks after a C section.

+ I've heard that I can’t have a cat indoors. Is this true?

It’s ok to have cats in the house but avoid contact with litter or feline excrement while you are pregnant.

+ What foods should I avoid while I am pregnant?

All fish should be limited to 12 ounces per week. You may have tuna, but no more than 12 ounces of fish in total. Luncheon meats from the deli are ok if heated. Foods to be avoided are cheese that is soft or un-pasteurized, tile fish, shark, and king mackerel.

+ Can I color my hair during pregnancy?


+ How much weight should I gain?

Weight gain of about 20-25 pounds is recommended for average weight women. Each pregnancy is different, so recommended weight gain will vary. Your physician will monitor your individual weight.

+ What exercise(s) can I do?

No new exercise routines. You may continue your current exercise routine unless otherwise directed by your physician.

+ What prenatal vitamin can I take?

Any brand as long as it contains 1 mg. of folic acid. Over the counter prenatal vitamins are allowed.

+ Up to how many weeks can I travel?

Traveling at 32 weeks or beyond is not recommended.

+ I am at least six weeks pregnant and spotting. Do I need to be seen by a physician?

While most of the time it is normal to spot in the first trimester, please contact our office if the bleeding is like a period or accompanied by any pain. One or more of my child's classmates have Fifths disease (Parvo)/ Chicken Pox/ Hand Foot & Mouth/ stomach virus. Should I be worried? Call your Pediatrician for recommendations regarding your child. Contact our office to speak with clinical triage to discuss your care.

+ What can I use for a yeast infection?

Monistat 7 Day or 3 Day treatment. If no relief, contact the office.

+ Can I paint?

Yes. Follow the instructions and make sure the area is well ventilated. A mouth covering, such as a dust mask or scarf, is recommended.

+ I’m considering having my baby’s cord blood preserved. Where can I find more information?

CBR Cord Blood Registry
Evercord by Natera