Family Connects Texas

Have you heard of the free newborn home visiting program available in Austin and Travis County? Family Connects is a partnership between United Way for Greater Austin and Austin Public Health that provides short-term newborn home visits for moms who deliver at St. David's South. Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time, but some parents may find themselves overwhelmed with questions, worries and emotional challenges. Family Connects works to support parents of newborns during the challenging first few weeks after childbirth. Whether you are a new parent or an experienced parent, consider a free nurse home visit courtesy of Family Connects Texas.

Family Connects Texas:

Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas

Today Dr. L sheds some light on a very important topic - maternal mental health. Ladies, no one is perfect and mental health issues can happen to anyone. Implementing balance can be a struggle and there are lots of organizations and professionals who can help. You are not alone! Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas is a volunteer-run organization that is dedicated to supporting families affected by perinatal mood disorders (PMAD). They have a provider directory which links you to providers that specialize in perinatal mood disorders. Additionally, they offer voucher programs for those who are unable to afford the help that is available in the Austin area. We want to see all women and families get the support they deserve.

Lewis Family Medicine

Get to know some of the providers at the Medical Towers at Sawyer Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas. Hill Country OB/GYN and Lewis Family Medicine strive to deliver the highest standard of care to our patients. We recommend establishing a relationship with both an OB-GYN and a Primary Care Physician so you'll have someone to turn to for any medical concerns that may arise.

My pregnancy test was positive, now what?


by Audra Wolfe, FNP-C

Call us with the good news! It is important to contact Hill Country OB/GYN when you find out you are pregnant, so we can help you through this exciting journey and get your pregnancy off to a good start. If you are not already taking a prenatal vitamin, start now. Prenatal vitamins have an extra boost of important vitamins and minerals that your body needs for a healthy pregnancy. In order to determine approximately how many weeks pregnant you are, we will ask you when you started your last period. Of course, some women have very irregular cycles, so it can be tricky to know exactly how far along you are. That is why our office will assist you with scheduling an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and determine your due date.

After your ultrasound, you will visit with one of our excellent providers where we will introduce you to Hill Country OB/GYN and what to expect over these next few months of your prenatal care. We can help address common early pregnancy concerns and discuss ways you can combat morning sickness. We will counsel you on options for genetic screening, review necessary blood work and upcoming ultrasounds, as well as discuss any additional interventions that will be recommended based on your personal medical history. You will also be given a variety of pregnancy resources that will review many of your most commonly asked questions and concerns.

During your prenatal appointments, we are monitoring your weight gain, blood pressure, performing necessary screening blood work, monitoring for signs or symptoms of miscarriage, preterm labor or other complications, as well as providing guidance for expectations as you enter each stage of your pregnancy. Appointments will be monthly until the third trimester. In the third trimester, we will see you every two weeks until the last month of the pregnancy when visits become weekly to closely monitor for labor.

Our goal at Hill County OB/GYN is to provide exceptional care throughout the pregnancy and delivery. We encourage you to attend one of our “Meet the Docs” Events, which occurs every other month and provides you with an open forum to ask your most burning questions as well as an opportunity to meet all of our physicians. Hill Country OB/GYN also provides birth classes, breastfeeding and infant care classes which can ease common anxiety about the birth process.

We deliver at St. David’s South Austin Hospital and we encourage you to schedule a tour of the hospital to familiarize yourself with the labor and delivery unit. The hospital is equipped with the latest birth technology. The nurses and staff are friendly and truly passionate about the care they provide. St. David’s South Austin Hospital also has a neonatal intensive care unit in the case your baby needs additional care or monitoring. The nurses and staff at St David’s South Austin Hospital as well as the physicians at Hill Country OB/GYN are prepared and have experience in caring for patients with a variety of birth plan requests from low intervention births to cesarean deliveries.

We can’t wait to hear from you and care for you during this incredible time. Call or request your appointment today!