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August 2018

Meet the Docs

We will hold Meet the Docs sessions at St. David's South Austin Medical Center from 6:00pm - 7:00pm. This event is an opportunity to meet our doctors and learn about the amenities and services designed to enhance your birthing experience at St. David's SAMC. Also includes a tour to see the Labor and Delivery unit.

September 19
November 14

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Preconception Care 

     By Amanda DiSarro, D.O.

Are you considering pregnancy now or in the future? If you’ve contemplated an answer to this question, then you’ve already completed the first step in preconception care. The CDC defines preconception care as “a set of interventions aimed at identifying and modifying biomedical, behavioral, and social risks to a woman‘s health or pregnancy outcome through prevention and management.”

Preconception care planning begins with a visit to your OB/GYN. A woman’s reproductive years span nearly 3 decades, and deciding whether or not to become pregnant may change over that time. More than one-half of pregnancies are unplanned, so it is important that desire for pregnancy first be addressed. [continued]


Patient Spotlight

We have lots of amazingly talented patients at Hill Country OB/Gyn. Many are small business owners and professionals in and around the community. I have asked Felicia Montgomery, co-owner of Solutions Pharmacy in Dripping Springs to share info about her small business as well as the reasons why she chooses Dr. Eduardo for her care.

Let me tell you about her first and then we’ll share her thoughts about Hill Country in her own words. We have been referring to Solutions Pharmacy in Dripping Springs since October of 2017. They offer valuable programs like, FREE Diabetic Supplies, FREE Vitamins and Antibiotics for Kids, while using coupons and discounts to get you the best price on OTC, regular and compounded medications. If it’s not on their shelves they will order it for you!! Solutions Pharmacy offers free delivery to most zip codes and has a drive thru for the pharmacy and The Acoffeecary Shop, a full service coffee and smoothie bar. They have a great staff that provides excellent service with a smile.


Felicia Montgomery, Solutions Pharmacy

“I think the best marketing for doctors is word-of-mouth. I asked my sister-in-law and best friends for OB/GYN recommendations and the majority of women I asked used Hill Country OB/GYN. That said a lot to me, so I made the switch because I wanted to have an OB/GYN that I felt comfortable with, could easily talk to and one that help me make decisions.

So let's face it, annual visits and pap smears are not something I look forward to or run to with excitement (I don't think I'm alone in this). Hill Country OB/GYN does such great job of making me feel comfortable and taking the stress out of my appointments. My doctor was patient, not rushed and talked to me in language I understood without making me feel ridiculous (we've all probably had that happen before. Not cool.).

The doctors provide information and offer their advice, but encourage us to make the best decision for us versus pushing us in a specific direction. I experienced this first hand when discussing birth control options. This is huge and I think helped me feel in control of my health and confident with my decisions and doctors.” 

We are truly honored to care for all of our patients and appreciate you choosing us for your healthcare needs. We will feature our current talented patient’s in future newsletters and on social media. If you have questions or inquiries please email us at

Cheers to your health.


Hill Country OB/GYN Associates Is ‘In Network’ for Seton Health Alliance /Aetna Whole Health/1st Tier UHC Nexus Plans 

We are pleased to announce that all Hill Country OB/GYN doctors are "in network" GYN providers for Seton Health Alliance/Aetna Whole Health/1st Tier UHC Nexus as of July 1, 2018. We look forward to welcoming our returning patients and new patients to the quality services and new conveniences we have to offer.

Hospital Privileges
All Hill Country OB/GYN doctors now have privileges at Seton Southwest Hospital for Gynecology care only. NO Obstetrics related services will be provided.

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 Hospital Comparison

Choosing the right hospital for your care is an important decision. Many people don’t realize that Medicare reports on patient satisfaction, infection rates, how timely and the effectiveness of the care provided. Click here to see how local hospitals compare. 

Click here for a guide about how to choose the right hospital for you.

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Tired of managing your family's health data across multiple Patient Portals? Medfusion Plus App pulls everything together, keeps it up-to-date automatically and puts you in charge of your data. 

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Votiva - Feminine Rejuvenation



Dr. Quinn talks about an exciting new in-office procedure called Votiva. Votiva is a non-surgical, gentle, effective solution for various feminine issues.

Don’t let stress incontinence, dryness and laxity due to childbirth or age be a barrier to the lifestyle you want to lead.

Book Now for a complimentary consultation to discuss Votiva.




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